Paysinger Pasinger Basinger Bösinger

With this post I initiate a new category that I will entitle “Mysteries.” Mysteries are those genealogical puzzles for which no answers appear to be discoverable. The origin of the Paysinger family of Lincoln County, Tennessee, is one of those puzzles.

What we do know: a John Paysinger settled in Lincoln County, Tennessee sometime between 1826 and 1830. Census and marriage records show that he was born in North Carolina around 1789, and he married Bersheba Jones in 1819 in Madison County, Alabama (adjacent to Lincoln County). One of his many children was Thomas Alexander Paysinger, discussed in the prior post.


1827 Anthony Finley Map of Tennessee. Note Lincoln County in the middle along the southern border with Alabama.

More than one family genealogist has attempted to find out where in North Carolina John was born, Continue reading